Individual Training Plans

We offer (3) individual training plans (ITP) with varying levels of communication, training adjustments, data analysis and coach interaction to help you achieve your performance goals.


The quality of the coach-athlete relationship is paramount.  Through our coaching and support staff, iCAN athletes have access to Art and Science training methodologies including scientific training parameters demonstrated to enhance individual performance.  Not all youth athletes require an individual training plan.  In the development of an athlete from youth to elite, the athlete passes through many phases of development.   When considering a training plan for youth there are many considerations including, chronological age, developmental age (physical, mental and emotional), general training age and sport specific training age.  It’s also necessary to consider the sport specific engagement, skill level, experience, and goals (short and long term) of the individual athlete.

What is an individual Training Plan?

An individual training plan is the combination of the art and scientific process of planning and periodization (training, nutrition, rest and testing).  We analyze the goals and objectives of the athlete and develop a comprehensive training plan (TP) which is periodized to meet the athlete’s performance objectives.  This plan incorporates scientific testing protocols necessary to establish the athlete’s initial bio markers and periodic testing to monitor the athlete’s improvements in performance.

When do I need an individual Training Plan?

When a youth or adult athlete becomes committed to the sport and begins to develop specific goals and objectives the training should become more specialized.  Upon initial consultation with the parent and athlete, the athlete may be asked to complete an Athlete Assessment.  This will address and determine the athlete’s specific training plan requirements, goals and objectives. The training plan is designed to give the athlete the best opportunity to realize their training, racing and performance goals while providing scientific information to track, evaluate, and quantify the athlete’s progress and performance.  Training plans are prepared using state-of-the-art software from Training Peaks.  The training plan can be integrated with a school sport/s if the athlete is a student.

How does it work?

Step 1:  Schedule a meeting with the Lead Coach to discuss the athlete’s goals, objectives and expectations.
Step 2:  Complete an Athlete Assessment.
Step 3:  Review Athlete Assessment and establish a realistic plan.
Step 4:  Complete administrative paperwork.
Step 5:  Remit fees for start-up.

Individual Training Program (Plan) with iCAN

You will have questions and we will have answers as you learn what to expect and how to get the most from your coached training experience.  We’ll create your training strategy predicated on your training plan program, goals and expectations, follow your progress through your training logs, and adjust your training volume and intensity, offering feedback through emails, phone calls and in-person meetings.

Program I

Monthly – $300.00
Start-up Fee – $150.00
Minimum Commitment – 4 Months

This program is for the serious goal oriented junior elite and adult athlete who wants top quality professional coaching as well as more personalized service.  You will be in constant contact with your coach.

Program II

Monthly – $240.00
Start-up Fee – $150.00
Minimum Commitment – 4 Months

This program is designed for the motivated youth, junior, or adult athlete that wants a professional coach to help them meet their goals but doesn’t require as frequent contact.

Program III

Monthly – $160.00
Start-up Fee – $100.00
Minimum Commitment – 3 Months

This program is designed for the youth or adult athlete that just wants a customized training plan designed specifically for them by a professional coach.




Training Program fees are paid monthly, in advance.

Athlete must be an active iCAN Club Member

Training Programs

Program I Program II Program III
Athlete Assessment Yes Yes Yes
Athlete Consultation Yes Yes Yes
Training Peaks Account Yes Yes Yes
Training Plan (Training Peaks) Yes Yes Yes
Training Plan Adjustments As Needed Bi-Monthly Monthly
Training with Power & Heart Rate Yes Yes No
Detailed Daily Workouts Yes Yes Yes
Training Log Feedback Daily Weekly No
Nutritional Log Analysis Daily Weekly No
Race Selection and Planning Yes Yes No
Phone Communication As Needed Bi-Weekly Bi-Monthly
Email and Messaging Unlimited Unlimited Weekly
Strength & Flexibility Training Plan Yes Yes No
Benchmark Testing Yes Yes No
Training & Racing Nutrition Strategies Yes Yes No
Mental Skills Strategies Yes Yes No
Race Support (Designated Team Race) Yes Yes Yes

Additional Coaching Services:

Personal Coaching Hourly Rate – $85.00 (1 hour minimum plus travel time)
Video Analysis – Report per Sport  – $150.00
Performance and Physiological Testing – $50.00 to $100.00 (depending upon testing protocol)
Travel with Athlete/s – All expenses paid, plus $150.00 per day coaching fee


Coached group Cycling and Open Water Swim requires an iCAN Junior Triathlon Club pre-paid Training Card.