Youth Advisory Committee

Youth have the opportunity to take ownership of their club through involvement in the planning and development of the club, community outreach events, social media, club apparel, and social activities.

Committee members learn and develop leadership skills, basic business, and secretarial skills, plan fundraisers, club events, and community outreach projects.  This adds tremendous value and credibility to their college resume when they have documented leadership involvement with a community based organization or CBO.

Committee member terms are for (1) calendar year October through September. Click HERE to view the YAC bylaws.

Applications for the 2015-2016 Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) should be submitted by September 15th. If positions are vacant, applications can be submitted at any time.

Interested in joining?

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Vision and Purpose Statement

The purpose of iCAN Junior Triathlon Club Youth Advisory Committee is to organize ideas and strategies to develop and maintain the future growth of iCAN Junior Triathlon Club.  Our goal is to increase and maintain youth membership, make our club better, attract more young people to our club, and make our club friendly and fun.

Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) Code of Ethics

I will do my best to advance the vision, mission, and purpose of iCAN Junior Triathlon Club and the YAC.

I will do my best to attend all meetings and participate in all group discussions.

I will represent myself in a leadership manner at all times.

I will be respectful, responsible, and resourceful.

I will support all decisions made by the Club, Staff, and the YAC.

I will commit, communicate, and cooperate.

2012 – 2016 Youth Advisory Committee Members:

Isaak Hoffman – Chairman
Paula Contreras – Co-Chairman
McKay Kinsey – Secretary
Chris Lee – Treasurer
Cole Fleming – Committee Member
Alexandra Kaminsky – Committee Member
Valerie Boylan – Committee Member
Reagan Nau – Committee Member

Getting to know the Youth Advisory Committee:

Isaak Hoffman – Chairman, is a home schooled Junior from Reedley, CA. He has been an active club member for 4 years and thoroughly enjoys the sport of triathlon. Isaak is starting his second year on the YAC Committee and is excited to help the club in new ways.

Paula Contreras – Co-Chairman, is a Junior at Clovis West. She has been apart of the club for seven years and this is her second year on the YAC. She is also a junior coach for cycling. 

McKay Kinsey – Secretary,  is 11 years old and a 5th grader at Fort Washington Elementary.  He has been and active club member for the past year and participating in the iCAN programs.  He especially enjoys the cycling component of the training program.

Chris Lee – Treasurer, is 15, an attendee of San Joaquin Memorial High School, and loves cycling. He is an up and coming junior coach and will be joining the iCAN Racing Team.

Cole Fleming- Committee Member,

Alexandra Kaminsky – Committee Member, Alexandra Kaminsky is a sophomore at Clovis North High School. She runs cross country, track, and triathlon. She has been a part of the club for five years and this is her second term on the YAC.

Reagan Nau – Committee Member, is 12 years old and a 7th grader at Baird Middle School. She has been an active club member since 2011 and is serving her second year on the YAC committee.  Besides competing in triathlons, she also runs cross country, is a sprinter on her school’s track team, and plays volleyball for her school.

Valerie Boylan Committee Member, is a 12 year old and a 6th grader at Bud Rank Elementary. This is her first year with the YAC committee and has been an active member since 2012. Besides doing triathlons, she runs in cross-country, a long distance runner in track, and basketball.