As a graduating senior and recent appointee to the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, I wish to thank Coach Todd and the entire staff of the iCAN Junior Triathlon Club for what they have done for me. Over the past four years, they have helped me grow and mature as a triathlete and as a person.  I joined iCAN my freshman year, looking for a challenge, and that first season I fell in love with the sport! The coaching staff taught me crucial techniques for greater efficiency and provided a structured format that enabled me to develop the confidence, patience, and determination needed to succeed. Applying these iCAN principles, and with the great support of Coach Todd, I was able to reach my personal goal of being crowned Champion of the USAT Southwest Regional Talent ID Series in 2014. Triathlon is a fantastic sport, and there is no better introduction to triathlon than through the iCAN Junior Triathlon Club!

In addition to athletics, membership in iCAN has helped me in many ways I never could have imagined. In addition to providing a terrifically healthy life-sport in which I could excel, iCAN gave me the opportunity to participate actively in club leadership and community outreach. For the past two years, it has been my privilege to be the Chairman of the Youth Advisory Committee for the club, where I was able to represent club members in a formal business setting. This committee gave me a platform where I was able to further develop my leadership and management skills. In addition, my participation in the club’s Junior Coaches Program allowed me to sharpen my teaching skills and encourage new members to the sport. I credit these leadership opportunities in making me an attractive candidate for my dream schools, including UCLA, UCSD, Texas A&M, and my number one pick, USAFA, for the Class of 2019! For all parents and students considering iCAN, it is a tremendous opportunity. Thanks again to Coach Todd and the iCAN staff for helping me achieve my goals!

-Soren Hoffman

Before joining the iCAN Junior Triathlon Team I had been a part of a swim team, biked with my parents, and ran track, but this program really enabled me to put the three disciplines together. The coaching staff and my fellow team members were helpful and enthusiastic. With their coaching I was able to win with my first three triathlons. Thanks iCAN Junior Triathlon Club! I couldn’t have done it with out you!

As parents of an iCAN Junior Triathlon Club athlete, we got to experience the spirit of the club to its fullest. Our 6 year old daughter, Avery fell during the bike leg and did not want to finish the race. As she was struggling to walk part of the run, we turned around to see a small group of iCAN athletes, who had already finished the race, running toward us. By the end, over 15 iCAN team members surrounded Avery and pushed her to cross the finish line. She would never have finished the race without the support and encouragement of her teammates. That is what iCAN Junior Triathlon Club is truly about!

This has been an amazing experience for my daughter, Peyton. Although she was very nervous at the beginning of her first triathlon she finished it with, “WOW, I did it!” and “ I want to do another.” Thanks for giving her something to be proud of within herself.

The iCAN Junior Triathlon Team Program was truly a joy for our two girls. Watching them grow week after week in swimming, cycling, and running could only make a parent proud. The program helped strengthen their mind, body and soul and give them the confidence they needed to improve and become better athletes. “I CAN” became a part of their daily language and helped improve their skills not only in sports, but in their daily lives. This experience helped our girls grow and make great friendships that they will remember forever.

Thanks for a great summer!

Dear Coach Todd,
When we trained over the summer this year, you taught us a lot of valuable things. You showed us correct form and everything. I wasn’t very good at sports before at school, but now, I’m on the top. I’m really happy. You are one of the best sporting coaches I have ever met. I can’t express how much I appreciate you coaching me.