The Beginning

In 2005, Todd Waldner, now Director and Lead Coach, was sitting in Church listening intently to his Pastor, Bob Willis teaching a series about “Fulfilling life’s Purpose” and “Defining our Passion in Life”. The book, “A Purpose Driven Life” had recently been released and reading the book was incorporated as part of the series Bob was teaching. One particular Sunday, Bob confronted Todd and asked, “What is your passion in life today?” He knew Todd was passionate about the sport of triathlon and had a long history of training and racing. He also knew Todd was very passionate about nutrition and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  Todd knew he had been prepared to fulfill a long time personal passion and the vision of “I CAN” was conceived. This led to the development of what would become the iCAN Junior Triathlon Club. Todd was given a gift and the heart to work with young people, and through the sport of triathlon he would have the opportunity to lead, demonstrate, and teach fundamental life principles that would change lives forever. The “I CAN” attitude coupled with Confidence, Patience and Determination became our cornerstones.

About Us

Mission Statement

Teaching youth fundamental life principles through the sport of Triathlon.

Vision Statement

iCAN Junior Triathlon Club will inspire and empower youth of all backgrounds and abilities, encouraging participants embrace an “I CAN” attitude throughout their lives. Promoting “iCAN” core life principles of confidence, patience and determination, while developing goal setting skills, will foster academic growth, increase leadership and promote adherence to a healthier lifestyle.


iCAN Junior Triathlon Club is a 501c.3., Community Benefit Organization that relies upon charitable donations, corporate sponsorship and grants to support and advance our Mission and Vision.

iCAN Junior Triathlon Club

iCAN Junior Triathlon Club is a fun, friendly, and exciting community of youth between the ages of 7 and 19.  We come together, in a team environment, to learn and develop the skills, and participate in the sport of triathlon. There are different levels of training programs, designed to develop confident triathletes and promote healthy lifestyles. The triathlon is the platform we use to empower youth through the encouragement of an “I CAN” attitude coupled with confidence, patience and determination.

What We Do


Training programs are developed based on the individual athlete’s chronological and developmental age, demonstrated skill level, perceived training level, abilities and goals. The coaches work with the athletes collectively and individually. Triathlons are selected that fit individual triathletes or each training Session so each athlete can participate and experience the excitement, enthusiasm and energy of race day. Coaches pay very close attention to what motivates each athlete individually and they use this to the athlete’s advantage. Coaches focus on skills and the fundamentals of training, equipment and nutrition. They put great emphasis on the fundamentals and sport specific training drills for swimming, cycling and running. Our passion is coaching youth and we are constantly encouraging and supporting each young athlete’s progress. We have a keen sense of identifying a child’s motivation and athletic level.

Athletes are put into groups that match their skill level, ability and developmental age. It is not unusual to see a swimming lane with youth of different ages. If they’re equally skilled, they will swim together. Similarly, athletes are broken into groups for running and cycling. The effect is that they complete workouts that are attainable and give them each a sense of personal accomplishment. The athletes “feed off of each other and create a very unique kind of synergy during their training time.”