Running Program

This 12-week program is available during the Winter months for athletes ages 7 – 18 who want to take their running skills and performance to the next level.  Runners enhance their running potential through the knowledge and understanding of running mechanics and the importance of balance, mobility, potentiation, core strength, mental preparation, and nutrition.

In addition, this program provides video analysis and biomechanical interpretation of the running pose including body position, stance and drive phase, head position, arm carriage, hip extension, foot strike, cadence, and torso alignment.

Program participants have the opportunity to compete in several local running events over this 12-week period.

This is a great program for those interested in taking their running performance to the next level. It  provides a pre-season conditioning platform for triathlon season and spring track.  The program  incorporates long runs at Woodward Park, specific strength and core training, hill and track workouts.

November 22 – 2016 through February 9 – 2017

Training Times – Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Program cost:


Join the Coaching Staff throughout the year as they compete in local running events.  Visit or for a complete list of local youth and adult races held throughout the year.  All ages and abilities are welcome.

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