The open water swim program is available to triathletes who want to further develop their open water swimming experience and performance. Wetsuits are required for the youth and junior elite triathletes. Conditioning and performance are enhanced through these weekly scheduled swims, April – August at Lake Millerton. This enhanced program will teach triathletes advanced techniques necessary for safe, competitive, open and rough water swimming. This program can also provide open water stroke analysis utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Open water swim training is also part of the youth and junior training curriculum for Triathlon Team training in Session I and Session II. New triathletes will have an opportunity to experience this swim training at least one time during their 10-week training session. This will be a new experience for some athletes and others will continue to develop their open water skills from previous training sessions.


Athletes must active club members and demonstrate proficiency to a certified triathlon coach before they are permitted to swim with the open water training group. Athletes must have a triathlon specific wetsuit (can be purchased at a deep discount by club members through the Member Only, Vendor Discounts webpage).

Program Dates:

Friday evenings at Millerton Lake, April through August.

Open Water Program Fees:

$25.00 registration fee and a $150.00 prepaid training card. Athletes may use the prepaid cycling training card for open water training.

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